Buenos Aires continued!

Peak inside the Casa Rosada, the “White House” of Argentina.  Unfortunately there was no Macri sighting, although we did pass by his office!

Teatro Colón, the third best opera house in the world and one of the most stunning and intricate in terms of acoustics, among the five best venues globally. We got to take a little tour, and I went back to see a ballet there. It lived up to all the hype, ooooobviously.

Chinese New Year celebrations in Barrio Chino in the neighborhood of Belgrano…

Palacio Barolo, the location of my justifiably dramatic confrontation with my fear of heights. (actually incredibly worth it because you can see what seems like the whole skyline, leading you to wonder how big this city truly is)

Just can’t get over what you see when you look up! Always so visually interesting and beautiful unlike any city I have ever been to.

Photo credits to my great, great friend and roommate Shruti Bakre.

Shruti Bakre at it again.

My friend, Mattie, who I studied abroad in Peru with last semester, came all the way from Cordoba (where she’s been studying this semester) to visit me and it was a fantastic time. Here’s a picture of us way too (justifiably???) excited for some empanadas.

The Jardín Botánico, which sits only five blocks from my house, is my favorite place to get lost in all the green. They have hundreds of different species of plants, organized and labeled from all over the world.

La Bomba del Tiempo, an all percussion band that totally surprised me how creative each song was, and how the whole crowd was so into their energy. They played at the Konex outdoor cultural center every Monday for awhile.

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