In April we visited the Cataratas de Iguazú, way up north at the edge of Argentina. It lived up to the seven wonders of the world title… and then some. It was so jaw-dropping even just to imagine the quantity of water that thunders down at any given point of the falls area. It was so cool also that the falls and the rainforest climate stretch along the borders of Argentina, Paraguay, and Brasil. We were only standing on the Argentina side, facing Brasil, but they say that the vantage points of each country offer a different and unique experience of the Falls.

Beautiful giant plants at the hotel, looking very millenial-on trend.


Back in March, we spent a few days in Bariloche, which is south of Buenos Aires, in the Patagonia. It was breathtaking, everything green and blue, clear and crisp… It was also Easter weekend, so the city was holding its festival of chocolate, which was obviously very convenient and fortunate for us.

Our tour guide, leading us on a hike with a piece of hay in his teeth, like a true adventurer.
Warm sun in March, what a concept!

On our last day, we rented bikes and took a map with us and explored. We decided to take a route to a place called “Catedral,” imagining it would be a trail leading up to some old church, rock structure, or something cool like that… we ended up following that road the steadily climbed steeper and steeper up this big hill, stopping every now and then to take in the view, but mostly catch our breath, and marvel at just how out of shape we had become, and then finally, we reached the top, to find… that “catedral” is the name of the (then out of season) ski mountain, and that there is no actual cathedral. It was all very hilarious, and extremely worth it for the pride of having sweat a bit and for the view.

My friend Evan in the distance, both of us blissfully unaware of the hill we’re about to climb.

Morning light in Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi.
View from our hostel of Lago Nahuel Huapi.

One of the many St. Bernards, famous mascots of Bariloche, ready for tourist photo opps.